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General Liability Insurance

CGL provides 3 coverages -

Coverage A covers property damage and bodily injury caused by a covered occurrence.

Coverage B provides coverage for advertising and personal injury liability.

Coverage C pays for medical expenses caused by an accident. The medical payments are paid regardless of fault.


General Liability does not typically have a deductible.

Definitions -

Bodily Injury: sickness, disease or injury a person sustains.

Coverage territory: the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. International waters or airspace, provided the injury or damage does not occur in the course of travel or transportation to or from the US, Puerto Rico or Canada.

Employee: a leased worker, but not a temporary worker.

Mobile Equipment: Bulldozers, farm machinery, forklifts, vehicles that travel on crawler treads, cherry pickers and other vehicles used primarily for purposes other than transportation.

Occurrence: refers to an accident.

Property Damage: Physical injury to tangible property.

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